Cast iron radiator is better than Floor Heating System 2016-07-06 10:14
Cast iron radiator is better than Floor Heating System
1. Heat dispersion is good, easy to control, temperature response quickly. Cast iron radiator can save energy .
2. Initial investment of cast iron radiator is small. Initial investment of floor heating is large, some developers in order to save the cost and use low quality product. Engineering hidden danger is buried.
3. Installation of cast iron radiator is simple. Construction of floor heating is more complex. If it is broken in halfway, there is more troublesome to repair.
4. Appearance of cast iron radiator is bright and clean, and inner cavity is clean too. Open  installation and easy to maintain. Floor heating is concealed installed and difficult to repair.
5. There is nearly little impact of placing more furniture for cast iron radiator. But for the floor heating, furniture will affect the radiation of heating.
6. Cast iron radiator is resistant of high pressure and corrosion. Long service life is of same age with building. The service life of floor heating is only 10--20 years
7. Floor heating hots feet and promotes blood circulation, but increases the fast rhythm of heart. But  cast iron radiator is not.
8.Water in cast iron radiator can easily spread out, and the air is not dry. But floor heating is different, heat rise from ground with dust and bacteria easily going into human respiratory tract. Respiratory tract disease will be caused.

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